Treasure X Dino Gold T-Rex Dino Dissection

  • £19.99

Utilise the Dino Dissection to go on the most epic journey possible in Treasure X Dino Gold! A colossal Tyrannosaurus rex has been put in a golden cage, but a treasure hunter has been imprisoned within the dinosaur! It is up to you to save him at this point. Dinosaur dissection is the only way to free him from his prison. Using your Golden Dagger, cut the Mega sized T-Rex open to reveal the Treasure Hunter who was hiding inside the beast's stomach! Take his bodily pieces out of his slime tummy, and then put him back together again!

The Exclusive Treasure Hunter Figure is included in the Treasure X Dino Gold - Dino Dissection Playset, which is the only place you can get this figure! "Treasure Rex" is adorned with gold, has a stone finish, and is eagerly awaiting to be rescued!

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