Stay Active Splash Atom Water Balloon Game

  • £12.99

Have lots of fun playing with SPLASH ATOM! An exciting action game, where you have to avoid being drenched! LOAD, SLIDE, AVOID THE SPLASH! Fill your Splash Atom with water balloons (or air, if you are playing indoors), and position 1 player at each end both with two handles. Hold 1 rope in each hand and open your arms rapidly and forcefully.

Splash Atom will slide one from one end to the other. It all depends on your skill, the closer it is, the stronger it launches, but if it reaches you…..Splash Atom will explode! It’s a great way to stay active! Includes 1 Splash Atom and 36 balloons, replaceable with ordinary balloons.

Suitable for ages 6 years and over.

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