Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller

  • £100.00
  • The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is not only the first of its type in the UK, but also one of the best foam rollers available on the market. It’s perfect for self-massage, rehabilitation and performance training in the comfort of your own home.
  • Our scientifically proven vibration technology improves general muscle health and recovery time after consistently hard training leading to DOMS. Our vibrations increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles.
  • Using a vibrating foam roller before training can enhance performance. When used after a session, it can speed up recovery significantly. Regular use of a foam roller over time will reduce the risk of injury, illness, and can improve long-term muscle health and performance.
  • The low power settings are ideal for a more relaxing massage, either on tired or sensitive areas. The higher levels deliver a more intense deep tissue treatment for those muscle knots and trigger points.

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