Game On: Give Your Racket a Boost with Our Expert Racket Restringing

Racket Restringing

Racket Restringing & Repairs by a Pro: Brian Woodage with Daniel Department Store

Is your favourite racket showing some signs of its age? Has ‘well used’ become ‘over used’?

Well tennis, squash and badminton players worry no longer, Daniel Sports Department has a tie-breaking solution for you.

Game, set, match!

We are thrilled to offer a top-notch tennis racket restringing service in partnership with local professional re-stringer, Brian Woodage. With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dust off your old racket and get it re-strung by a pro.

Brian has been a tennis enthusiast since his school days. His passion for the game led him to purchase his first stringing machine in 1988. Since then, he has honed his skills and now offers a professional restringing service, rackets usually returned within 48-72 hours. And with over 400 tennis books in his collection, it’s safe to say that Brian knows his stuff when it comes to tennis.

But it’s not just tennis rackets that Brian can restring. He’s also an expert at restringing badminton and squash rackets too! So, whether you’re a tennis ace, a badminton buff, or a squash superstar, Brian has got you covered.

At Daniel Department Store’s sports department, our customers deserve the best. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Brian to provide a first-class restringing service using only the highest quality strings. With prices starting from just £25.50, it’s an affordable way to ensure that your racket is in top condition for the summer season.

Racket TypeString TypePrice
TennisSynthetic Gut£28.00
SquashSynthetic Gut£25.50

Extra Repairs

If you need any extra repairs, Brian can help with that too! Some repairs can only be done when the strings are removed from the racket so there is no better moment for a full racket refresh. Brian can replace individual grommets or fit a new bumper bar to ensure that your racket is as good as new. When Brian receives your racket, he’ll discuss any extra work that may be needed directly with you and agree any additional costs at that time.

So, don’t let a faulty racket spoil your summer fun. Bring it into the Daniel Department Store’s sports department, and let Brian work his magic. With his expert skills and top-quality strings, you’ll be serving aces and smashing winners in no time!

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