The benefits of Hoka trainers you need to see

Want to rule the running world? You might just need a pair of Hoka’s.

Welcome, runners and Royal Windsor enthusiasts alike, to our fun-filled exploration of the benefits of Hoka running shoes! It’s a princely brand that has caught the attention of the running world and beyond.

What makes Hoka shoes so special?

For starters, Hoka has partnered with The Royal College of Podiatry to ensure that their shoes are designed with the highest level of support and comfort. The Royal College of Podiatry approves products and companies that meet the professional body’s highest podiatric standards through its product endorsement scheme. How fancy! This means that not only will you turn heads in these stylish shoes, but your feet will also thank you for the added support.

Benefits of Hoka shoes endorsed by Royal College of Podiatry

“The HOKA application for endorsement was reviewed by an internal panel of podiatric experts as part of a review group that looks at the merit of all endorsement applications.”

Hoka’s partnership with The Royal College of Podiatry is a step in the right direction for foot health. Hoka might well be known primarily for trail running shoes but their road running shoes are nothing to scoff at. The Arahi 6 will have you feeling like royalty with its stability and support. Making it an ideal choice for runners who need a little extra help with overpronation. While the Clifton 8 is the corgi of the Hoka family. Lightweight but with maximum cushioning for a comfortable run. And the Kawana? Well, that’s the King’s favourite shoe for those long distance walks around Windsor Castle. A shoe that can handle anything from a leisurely jog to a long-distance race.

Try before you buy

But before you curtsy to your new Hoka shoes, remember that trying them on is key. It’s like a royal fitting – just because it looks good on the shelf, doesn’t mean it is the right shoe for you.

As it turns out comfort truly is King.

In a meta-analysis study titled “Increased footwear comfort is associated with improved running economy,” (K Van Alsenoy et al.) it was found that running in comfortable shoes is associated with a significant improvement in running economy. This indicates that comfortable shoes can enhance running performance.

So, running like a Windsor? It’s all in the shoes, my friends. With all the Hoka shoes mentioned above available at Daniel Department Store, you don’t need to travel to Buckingham Palace to get your hands on them!

Make a statement and upgrade your athleisure game with some regal new running shoes. Just don’t forget to try before you buy.

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